Shein Influencer Program: What You Need to Know

Shein Influencer Program: What You Need to Know

You can learn everything there is to know about the Shein Influencer Program and how to apply for it by reading the information below.

In 2008, Shein began as a standard Chinese drop-shipping company. It has grown to be the biggest fashion retailer in the world today. The company will be worth $100 billion in 2022, which is evidence of its enormous online success. And this did not occur by chance.

Shein’s strategic marketing initiatives, including its Shein Influencer program, have helped the company get to where it is now. Their use of influencer marketing to promote brand awareness and interactions that result in sales conversions is crucial.

In this post, we’ll talk about this scheme’s nuts and bolts and figure out how the Shein brand ambassador program works.

Who Are the Shein Influencers, and What Do They Do?

The fashion retailer leverages its Shein brand ambassadors or influencers to boost its online presence on various popular social media platforms such as Tik Tok and Instagram. These individuals publish Shein-specific content on their social media pages, such as fashion photos, product reviews, and Shein event reels. Here are a few Shein social media influencers who are at the top of their influencer game:

Shein Influencer Program: What You Need to Know

Melolimparfaite on Instagram

Lifestyle blogger Melolimparfaite is based in Paris. Through the various figure-enhancing Shein styles, she encourages body positivity. She also invites people to Shein pop-up shops and advertises their sale occasions.

Mari_malibu on Instagram

Italian fashion blogger Mari_malibu is a Shein brand ambassador. She frequently shares Instagram discount codes and photos of herself wearing Shein OOTDs.

Jin_ _ _ Jin on Tik Tok

The Kpop enthusiast also displays on her Tik Tok account her amazing Shein finds of beauty accessories, such as fake bangs. Additionally, she provides makeup tutorials and shows her followers how to use them.

What Are the Shein Influencer Requirements?

If you want to get on board the Shein influencer bus, these are what it takes:

  • An active blog on Activate (formerly “bloglovin'”) or This blog should have more than 1,000 Google Friends followers.
  • You have other social media profiles with a combined following of at least 5,000.
  • You have the “Promotion Icon” from Shein (which you can get from the official Shein site). The badge, which should be placed on your blog’s front page, is a link to the Shein site. Congratulations if you have these figured out! As a Shein Fashion Expert, you can now evaluate fashion.
  • You can now promote Shein’s products on your social media accounts. Basically, your posts will persuade your followers to buy Shein. Share links to the Shein products you are promoting, please.
  • Send the business an email after that containing links to the content you’ve shared on social media and published for Shein. You may want to figure out your country’s customs policies and how international shipments from Shein work.
  • By signing up to be a Shein influencer, you grant Shein permission to use your social media posts. They could take pictures and comments from your post and use those for advertising. You must email them to let them know that you don’t want them to use any of your content. Your effectiveness as a brand ambassador for Shein might be hindered by doing this.

How Can I Become a Shein Influencer?

Assuming that you’ve already met the influencer requirements, you’re now ready to roll up your sleeves and fast-track to become a Shein ambassador.

Define Your Brand Image (if You Haven’t Already!)

The more consistent your branding is, the more quickly your audience can understand you. Your target audience will be more likely to identify with you and become more engaged with your blog.

Strategize About What Content to Create and Post

Shein Influencer Program: What You Need to Know

You’ll need to think about what you can accomplish based on the features of your social media. For instance, you might decide to create a one-minute Tik Tok tutorial video. You can post a slightly longer product review on YouTube if that’s where you’re posting. On the other hand, Instagram would be the best app if you planned to post pictures of yourself wearing the clothes you purchased from Shein.

Tag Away

Tag #Sheinoffical and include the hashtags #Shein and #Sheingals in your social media post. If you don’t draw the connection between Shein and your posts, all of your efforts will be for nothing.

Allow Your Post to “simmer” before Emailing Shein

Wait a bit for your followers to notice, like, heart, or comment on your post. Your chances of being accepted into the Shein Influencer Program will rise as your level of engagement rises.

Send the Link to Your Post to [email protected].

After finishing #4, you feel more comfortable telling Shein about your post. Share your personal information and indicate that you are interested in joining the Shein Influencer Program or working together.

They will undoubtedly respond to you regarding the following steps in your influencer journey if you have met their requirements and are what they are looking for.

Ways to Collaborate With Shein

If you’ve considered working with Shein, there are several options that could net you free clothing or even cash. Let’s look at them now.

Join the Affiliate Program

You can work with Shein and make money by signing up for the affiliate program. Its main benefit is that it doesn’t call for a significant financial outlay. Do you know what an affiliate is? A Shein affiliate is someone who spreads Shein’s message by creating content for their blog, YouTube channel, or social media accounts.

Shein Influencer Program: What You Need to Know

Affiliates try to get customers to find interesting products on Shein and buy them. For every sale made on Shein using your affiliate link, you get paid a commission of about 10%.

If you already have a fashion blog or a sizable following on social media, this is a good way to work with Shein, but it will be challenging to make money if you start from scratch.

If you create an Instagram account and post a ton of Shein products, nothing will happen. By providing high-quality content, you can attract a loyal following and earn a consistent income.

Become a Shein Blogger Or Influencer

Similar to the previous method, instead of commissions for each sale, you receive free Shein clothing when you work together this way. If you want to get free clothes as well as promote yourself as a fashion influencer or blogger, this is the best choice.

To offer yourself as a Shein influencer you must send them a message from here. They will reply telling you all the necessary requirements and will ask you for your social media profiles.

Remember that you need to have about 1000 followers or subscribers to qualify. You must inform Shein of the product you are interested in reviewing when you get in touch with them, and you will have a certain amount of time to publish your review after receiving it.

In addition to mentioning them in the image’s description, you must link the post to Shein’s website. You must notify Shein via email after publishing the image or review.

Selling Shein Clothing

Selling Shein apparel is another way to work with the store and make money. Finding a market of prospective customers is crucial. The easiest thing to do is usually to start with social media and look for customers through word of mouth among your acquaintances.

Shein Influencer Program: What You Need to Know

It’s crucial to choose whether you want to specialize in a particular kind of clothing or maintain a standard profile. For example, many Shein resellers concentrate on a particular kind of product, like evening dresses. Others merely sell a smattering of everything.

You can search for marketing platforms that let you establish your own online store after some time has passed and once you have established your position.

Reselling Customized Garments

Purchasing clothing from Shein with the intention of customizing and reselling it is an extension of the previous suggestion. Anything you can think of can be done to customize them, including sewing, painting, cutting, and adding fabrics. What you should try to do is to put your own stamp on the garments to create your own label.

You can put your own label on the clothing after you’ve altered and redesigned it. You will need to work on your personal brand more than ever in this situation by creating a logo, effectively managing your social media accounts, selecting attractive packaging, including cards with orders, and doing anything else that will help your company stand out.

Shein X

If you want to take fashion design professionally, you should know about the Shein X program. With the help of this program, up-and-coming designers can collaborate with Shein, the world’s largest clothing retailer, on manufacturing, marketing, and sales. Shein and the creators each receive a portion of the earnings.

To be considered for this program, you must have a strong portfolio and active social media accounts. This program is quite selective and only accepts proven designers.

Conclusion: Shein Influencer Program

Shein is a business that doesn’t appear to be basking in the accomplishments of its prior endeavors. According to appearances, the titan of fashion will continue to look for strategies to outwit, outperform, and outlast the opposition.