how to see posts you've liked on instagram 2022

How To See Posts You’ve Liked On Instagram? Solved

Every day, an average Instagram user will see hundreds of posts on the photo and video-sharing website. You might have a hard time trying to view the same Instagram post again unless you actively save them or like them. If you want to review the pictures and videos you’ve liked in the past, Instagram’s feature that allows you to see your liked posts can be useful.

Additionally, it saves time by eliminating the need to recall and manually search for a specific post in order to unlike specific posts that you have previously liked. Read this article and you can learn how to see posts you’ve liked on Instagram.

Why Is It Useful To Have The Option To View Instagram Liked Posts?

It’s useful to have the choice to see posts you’ve liked. It can act as a reminder for articles you might want to read again at a later time. It can also act as a catalog for any newly discovered accounts you want to go back and review.

We frequently use this feature to highlight posts that we want to revisit or learn more about. You can use this feature in addition to these ones to un-like a post quickly. Because of this feature, liking a post on Instagram can be used for more than just expressing appreciation.

How To See Posts You’ve Liked On Instagram?

You don’t need to worry about this problem, because here we will provide a tutorial or how to see the posts you like on the latest Instagram 2022.

  1. Update Instagram first.
  2. Launch the Instagram application.
  3. Go to your profile menu.
  4. Pick something from the menu in the top right.
  5. After that select “Your activity“.
  6. Then select the “Interaction” menu.
  7. Choose the menu item that should be checked, such as Comments, Likes, and Reply stories.

You can browse that menu starting with posts we’ve liked, comments, and responses to stories we’ve written.

In fact, the admin claims that in the most recent update, it is now simpler to find and has been grouped with the appropriate menu, making it simpler for users to find.

How Do I View My Favorite Posts On A PC?

how to see posts you've liked on instagram 2022

Unfortunately, it’s not feasible. While it is possible to like posts using the Instagram app or website, there is no way to view the posts you have liked on a PC or desktop. That’s because Instagram’s web version only provides rudimentary functionality.

Worry not! Viewing your Instagram likes on a computer is possible using a straightforward workaround.

Windows and Mac users can simply install the “Layoutify: Improved Layout for Instagram” extension for The Instagram website’s original layout is messed up by this extension for Google Chrome, but it still gets the job done. You can install it just to view your laptop’s history of liked posts.

After installing the Layoutify extension, visit and click the 3-horizontal dots at the top right.

The Chrome browser now allows you to view your liked posts in a grid. Just click the “Load more” button at the bottom of the webpage to view more posts.

Can You See Your Friends’ Instagram Liked Posts?

While we have covered the procedures to view liked posts through your account, some of you may be wondering if there is also a way to view what your friends have liked on Instagram. In fact, Instagram had a “Following” tab that listed all liked posts until October 2019.

Even though we don’t currently have a way to check who has liked our posts, reputable app reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi recently discovered that the company might be working behind the scenes to bring this feature back. However, we’ll have to wait and see if it happens.

You will have to manually check your friend’s followers list and the most recent posts from other creators until that time if you want to find out if they have recently liked any posts. If you want to know whether your friends have liked posts by particular people, this method might work well. Here’s how to do that:

  1. Open your friend’s Instagram profile and tap the “Following” section. Open the profile of the person you want to see their likes on from there.
  2. Scroll through their posts, and you will see “Liked by <friend name>” above the post’s caption if your friend has liked the post. You can also tap the like counter to see the full list of likes if you and the third party share multiple friends.

Without a doubt, for this technique to be effective, the person must either have a public profile or be followed.

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