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Yellow Heart On Snapchat: What Does It Mean?

Snapchat has become a popular social media marketing platform. On Snapchat, emojis represent your friendships. The #1 best friend position, represented by the yellow heart emoji, is one of the more sought-after positions on Snapchat. Please read this article carefully if you’ve been curious about what Snapchat’s yellow heart signifies.

How Can I Get The Snapchat Yellow Heart?

Sending regular snaps and snap videos to someone for a period of time in order to receive a yellow heart emoji on Snapchat. Start a conversation with them to establish a relationship.

To raise your snap score with someone, you must be active every day on Snapchat. Snapchat keeps track of each time you give someone more weight for a few days.

The procedure for obtaining the yellow heart is quite simple; you simply need to send numerous snaps to one another. You must repeat this more frequently than with other users, though.

It might be more challenging for you to obtain the yellow heart if a lot of people are consistently receiving snaps from one or both of you. The competition for best friend status will grow as there will be more people to contend with.

However, make an effort to snap them as frequently as you can if you really want to win someone over and earn the yellow heart.

The yellow heart indicates that you have been the user’s best friend for two weeks. When a relationship lasts longer than two weeks, the yellow heart turns red.

Why Is The Snapchat Yellow Heart Important?

Due to the fact that it can only be shared with another user, the Snapchat yellow heart is significant. It can only happen with the person you snap at the most and if they do the same for you because the yellow heart denotes best friend status.

In order to unlock more challenging friendship emojis, like the red or pink heart, you must first master the yellow heart. It reveals the identity of your Snapchat’s top best friend.

Can You Get The Yellow Heart On Snapchat Without Using Multiple Accounts?

The sad truth is that you need multiple people to obtain a yellow heart. You must put forth some work and time to keep up your best friend status with another user in order to maintain the yellow heart, which represents a special emoji.

The yellow heart emoji is still simpler to obtain than the red or pink ones, it should be noted.

The pink heart emoji denotes that you have been best friends for at least two months, while the red heart denotes that you have been best friends for more than two weeks.

Simply stop snapping at the person you are currently best friends with and start snapping at the person you want to be best friends with if you want to get the yellow heart with someone else.

What Are The Meanings Of Snapchat Emojis?

The meanings of Snapchat emojis signify the length or type of relationship you have with another user. Understanding the meanings of Snapchat emojis is important if you want your Snapchat marketing to be successful. Let’s explore what each emoji represents.

yellow heart on snapchat

Heart Emojis

  • Yellow Heart: Congratulations, it appears that you and this person are Snapchat best friends. You are also their closest companion. This person and you exchange the most snaps, with them sending you the most. It’s also known as the “besties” emoji.
  • Red Heart: The yellow heart’s higher level is this. It indicates that you have maintained your friendship with the person as your best friend after two weeks. On Snapchat, the red heart remains visible for two months or until the users are no longer best friends. Additionally known as the BFF emoji is the red heart.
  • Pink Hearts: The best friend status on Snapchat has been upgraded to this level. These hearts represent two months of being best friends with this person. This one requires work to maintain and represents a high level of Snapchat commitment. You have accomplished a significant feat if you obtain this because there is no friendship level above the pink heart. The super BFF emoji is another name for it.

Face Emojis

  • Grimace Face: Your #1 best friend and their #1 best friend are both represented by this emoji. Consequently, you both tend to snap at the same individual.
  • Smiley Face: This one implies that the person with whom you are snap-chatting is another one of your closest friends. Although they are not your best friend in order, they are still there.
  • Sunglasses Face: If you see the sunglasses emoji next to a friend’s name, it means that you two have the same best friend. Not necessarily your best friend, but someone you and your partner frequently snap at. People who share friends and hang out in the same circles frequently experience this.

Miscellaneous Emojis

  • Baby Face: In the same way that a baby disappears after a few days, this one signifies a brand-new user to you. It represents a brand-new Snapchat friendship.
  • Fire: The phrase “snap streak” has gained widespread recognition among people who don’t even use Snapchat. This emoji indicates the number of days that you and the user have been snap chatting back-to-back. The snap streak and flame vanish if neither you nor the user sends a Snapchat for twenty-four hours. If this occurs, you will either need to start the streak over from scratch or get in touch with Snapchat support to try and get it back.
  • Hourglass: This is a notification that the duration of your snap streak with them is about to end. Get to snapping if you see this next to one of your snap streaks. Feel free to send a snap using the timer feature.
  • One Hundred: A 100-day snap streak between you and another user is indicated by this emoji, which goes with the fire symbol. Only on that specific day will that emoji be available.
  • Birthday Cake: This indicates a user’s birthday when it appears next to their name. Snapchat includes that so that the user’s friends can use the app to wish them a happy birthday.
  • Zodiac Emojis: It is displayed beneath a user’s profile, not next to their name. The precise one is determined by the user’s birthday and whether they have entered it into the app. It provides a little extra information in addition to displaying the user’s zodiac sign.

Why Does Snapchat Have So Many Emoji Meanings?

Snapchat’s emojis are designed to categorize and shed light on the connections between users. These emojis encourage people to use the platform more often and increase the number of messages they send.

You can think of it as a goal where people first obtain a yellow Snapchat heart, then a red heart, and finally a pink heart. These emojis represent a shared objective that friends try to achieve by cooperating.

Another Snapchat emoji that encourages people to send each other snaps on a regular basis is the snap streak, which is represented by the fire emoji. When you and a friend have been snap chatting for three days, a fire emoji with the words “Snap Streak” appears to show how many days you have been doing so.

Other Snapchat emojis are more in-depth and focus on things like shared friends that you frequently snap, whether you both have the same best friend and other insights.

All of these emojis are useful for establishing relationships with other people, friendships between people, and the length of time you’ve been snap-chatting with someone.

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