How to Become a Travel Influencer? A Beginner's Guide

How to Become a Travel Influencer? A Beginner’s Guide

Are you interested in learning how to become a travel influencer? You can learn everything you need to know from this comprehensive guide!

Despite what some travel influencers may have managed to portray, becoming a travel influencer on Instagram has never been simple. In reality, especially as we approach 2023, becoming a travel influencer on Instagram, TikTok, or other social platforms requires a lot of hustle.

What a travel influencer is and what it takes to be one will be revealed in this article.

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How to Become a Travel Influencer?

In the beginning, I’ll explain how to build an audience as a travel influencer. I’ll give you advice on how to get started, how to produce content, how to establish your own brand and more.

Discover Your Niche

For any Instagram influencer in the travel industry, posting images and videos will not translate into a lucrative travel handle. An individual must identify his or her area of expertise and research the topics that they hope to influence.

Luxury, health and wellness, adventure, hiking, gastro tourism, winter destinations, and a plethora of other topics are just a few examples of travel niches.

According to Rasmus, choosing a specific travel niche will help someone gain some authority on that subject, and by fusing their personal flair with the writing, they can set themselves apart from other professionals in the field.

How to Become a Travel Influencer? A Beginner's Guide

Be Creative With Taking Pictures

Instagram must be used to its full potential since it is a visual platform. Pictures by themselves can convey a lot about the experiences.

Therefore, according to Rasmus, great travel influencer must also develop their photographic skills and contribute to the creation of visual content that draws more visitors to their travel page.

Show Your Prowess in Videos

A travel influencer can eventually learn the art of taking videos with ease. How powerful can a well-produced video be if images can convey so much without using words?

In addition to the ability to create an IGTV, Instagram now has a feature called Reels that enables you to create short videos. One can easily add additional effects to the content using Instagram’s features. The right music is also a great way to make travel content more appealing.

Identify a Mission

Finding a mission is a little bit different, but similar to finding a niche. Ask yourself, “what am I for?”

How to Become a Travel Influencer? A Beginner's Guide

Knowing why you do what you do can improve your productivity and help you convey your mission. A mission can aid in growth and can aid in converting inactive followers into active supporters if it is something that others can relate to.

Do you believe that traveling is necessary for personal growth? Do you follow the zero-waste principle when you travel? Do you travel to bring attention to a problem?

Centering these things in a specific area of your Instagram posts can help you stand out from the competition and establish your travel Instagram as one that is well worth following.

Make Your Instagram Feed Consistent

In order to succeed as a travel influencer, maintaining a consistent feed is essential. If you do this, your Instagram feed will appear much more professional. And by doing this, your chances of gaining more followers are increased!

Then what exactly is a consistent feed?

Many of the colors are similar when you look at a travel influencer’s feed. Or you might discover that all photographs share a common mood. It’s also possible that the kinds of photos you see follow a particular pattern.

The order in which you post your photos is a crucial component of this. Consider how you can accomplish this. You might alternate posting photos that are blue and green, for instance.

Plan Ahead

Do you want to know more advice on how to become a travel influencer? This one is then very helpful! Another crucial aspect of becoming a travel influencer is planning ahead. You need to approach your account more professionally if you want to become a travel influencer.

How to Become a Travel Influencer? A Beginner's Guide

As a result, you cannot decide what to post on your account at the last minute. You want your posts to be of a high caliber, so that is why.

Create a Brand on Instagram

Digital branding is the way to go if you want to become a travel inspiration. A lot of attention can be drawn from everyone by means of creative, original, and inspirational travel content. Posting fresher, more eye-catching images and videos on a regular basis is also crucial.

“The purpose of “Resort,” which I created, was to connect travelers and enable them to share their love of the world’s destinations online. You need to build your page as a brand and let people connect with you,” he says.

Go for Collaborations

Collaborations in this context don’t refer to those made by Instagram travel influencers; rather, Rasmus emphasizes the importance of building networks outside of the social media site.
Meeting other travel influencers and collaborating on original content are additional goals. This enables you to increase audiences, followers, and conversions on the shared subject they have acquired through interaction.

Hashtag All the Way

Hashtags are crucial for travel influencers who want to build a travel Instagram. “Travel influencers must make the most of hashtagging their brand in order to draw all Instagram users to one location.

Many people can discover content shared by travel influencers by making use of a specific hashtag. This gets them attracted to the posts, and start following them,” he explains.

How to Become a Travel Influencer? A Beginner's Guide

Connect With Other Travel Influencers

Choose three to six active, 20 to 40 percent larger than your own Instagram accounts that are dedicated to travel, and start purposefully engaging with their content on a regular basis.

Make insightful comments, share their posts on your stories, and interact with their accounts. This encourages natural human-to-human interactions while also connecting your account to these bigger accounts in the algorithm.

People who follow them might be encouraged by the app to follow you if your accounts are even remotely related. You might also get shoutouts or collaboration opportunities with these bigger travel influencer accounts as human-to-human connections develop.

Keep Your Day Job

It takes time to locate your audience and gain their support. A willingness to persist even when the benefits aren’t apparent right away is also necessary.

It can be challenging for those of us who travel without a trust fund to figure out how to travel, produce content, and make money at the same time. Even more difficult is it to produce profitable content in the beginning.

What is a Travel Influencer?

A travel influencer creates high-caliber content about tourism, culture, and travel. They frequently travel and post pictures or videos of their destinations, meals, and activities on well-known social media sites like Instagram and YouTube.

How to Become a Travel Influencer? A Beginner's Guide

They encourage and inspire their followers to embark on their own adventures by sharing their own. These influencers frequently collaborate with businesses in the travel and adventure tourism sectors, including those that sell outdoor gear and clothing, lodging, dining, travel services, and so on.

Some people view being a travel influencer as a full-time job, while others view it as a side hustle.

What Do Travel Influencers Do?

Because they recount their travel experiences exactly as they did, travel influencers have earned the trust of their fans. Many travel bloggers aren’t afraid to share even the unpleasant things that occur during their journeys, so look for them.

Influencers are trusted by their followers because they are honest. And doing this is a good way to develop a loyal following.

To gain hundreds of thousands of followers, though, typically takes time. You’ll want to consistently produce excellent content that social media users will find interesting and want to see more of.

Take unique, attention-grabbing images or videos at your travel destination that can intrigue your audience. So that their followers can better understand the locations visited as if they had been there themselves, travel influencers frequently write about their experiences as well.


Make sure to research before setting out on a journey. Being an influencer might seem fancy, but it takes a ton of commitment and effort.

The road to becoming a travel influencer may not always be straightforward. It takes passion for traveling, patience, research, and the willingness to be “out there” to become a successful wanderlust.