what does an hourglass mean on snapchat

What Does An Hourglass Mean On Snapchat?

Snapchat is known for its use of sporadic icons; in fact, some of these icons are so sporadic that it can be challenging to understand their purpose. But if you’re a serious Snapchat user, it’s critical to understand the significance of these icons. They contribute to the message you are trying to share about the Snapstreak and important aspects of your behavior on the app.

The hourglass emoji might have appeared next to your friend’s name on Snapchat, but what does it actually signify? Hourglass emojis are connected to your Snapchat streak, which counts how frequently you talk to particular people on your friend list, similar to how fire emojis are connected to your streak.

Here is all the information you require regarding the Snapchat hourglass.

What Is A Snapstreak?

Understanding Snapstreaks is a prerequisite if you want to learn more about the hourglass emoji.

You will begin a Snapstreak when you send at least one snap back and forth for at least three days in a row. A fire emoji will then show up next to that username when that occurs.

You must trade pictures at least once every day in order to keep the streak going. Note that the streak won’t continue unless you both send snaps. Users are enticed to use the app frequently by this entertaining feature.

The number next to the fire emoji will also indicate how many days your streak has been going. The streak will end and the fire emoji will vanish if no snaps are exchanged for 24 hours.

What Does The Snapchat Hourglass Icon Represent?

The hourglass symbol functions as a countdown timer. This icon was added by Snapchat to alert users when their Snapstreak with another user is about to expire and urge them to take action to keep the streak going.

The lit/fire icon that signifies being on your Snapstreak will replace the hourglass icon, which is essentially a warning that your performance is slipping and that you need to up your Snapchat game. Remember that the number of snaps you send, not any kind of textual exchange, determines the length of a Snapstreak.

Right before both of your Snapstreaks are about to expire, an icon appears next to both your profile and the profile icon of the contact you’ve been exchanging Snaps with.

How Long Does Snapchat’s Hourglass Last On Snapchat?

If you don’t want a Snapstreak relationship with another user to end, the Hourglass icon’s appearance is unquestionably a bad thing. A Snapstreak’s window of opportunity and the duration of the icon have both been the subject of discussion.

Older Reddit threads assert that the streak lasts for two to three hours, but another thread claimed that the Hourglass icon lasts for four to seven hours. The timeline for how long the hourglass icon is present and its timing are both somewhat ambiguous.

Since no two Snapstreaks are ever the same, it is likely that the hourglass icon is whimsical in both its appearance and timeframe. If you have a Snapstreak that has lasted for several weeks or more, Snapchat may display an hourglass with a longer window, while streaks that have only lasted a few days may display an hourglass with a much smaller window. Depending on how long your Snapstreak has been, there is a window of opportunity.

How Can I Avoid Snapchat’s Hourglass Icon?

A 24-hour window is used to calculate any given Snapstreak. This means that in order to avoid the Hourglass icon, at least one Snap (not a chat) must be sent and received within the 24-hour window by both users.

what does an hourglass mean on snapchat

The dreaded hourglass icon will appear at the tail end of the 24-hour window, the lit/fire icon will vanish, and your countdown will start if no Snaps are exchanged. Here are a few tips to help you keep the Hourglass icon off of your Snapchat.

Snap For Snap’s Sake

If keeping up your Snap streak is more important than the type of Snap you’re sending, then take a blank or blacked-out photo to at least keep the hourglass icon at bay. To avoid surprising the other party with the pointless snap, make sure to let them know that you are doing this.

Maintain A Routine

Maintaining your Snapstreak can be as simple as sending a good morning greeting each morning. A reliable auto-pilot for your Snapstreak can be achieved by making sure you send out one regular snap per day at a set time.

Inform The Other Party

Even if you are doing your part to help keep your Snapstreak going, it’s still crucial that the user with whom you are exchanging snaps knows that you are committed to keeping it going. In order to prevent the streak from being permanently lost, make sure the user is just as dedicated to the process.

How Should I Proceed If I’m Still On A Snapstreak But The Hourglass Icon Appears?

In a few instances, the user’s sincerity in continuing their Snapstreak has been called into question when the hourglass icon first appears and then, eventually, the lit/fire icon vanishes.

It’s best to call Snapchat customer service in this situation and let them know about the issue. The hourglass icon will vanish and the Snapstreak icon will reappear next to your profile after the Snapchat support team has resolved your issue.

How Can A Snapstreak Be Maintained?

You must trade pictures in order to continue your streak. Of course, not every type of interaction on Snapchat qualifies as a snap.

Snaps are messages that you create with your camera button. This indicates that while text and voice messages do not count toward your Snapstreak, pictures and video recordings do.

Other interactions that do not count towards the Snapstreak include:

  • Snapchat Stories
  • Spectacles
  • Memories
  • Group Chats

What To Do If Your Snapstreak Disappears?

Even though you and your friend both sent snaps, your Snapstreak may have vanished due to an app error.

If you believe that your Snapstreak disappeared due to some mistake, you can:

  1. Visit the Snapchat Support webpage.
  2. Locate the “My Snapstreak Disappeared” option.
  3. The required information should be filled out.

You’ll have to wait a little while before the Support responds and assists you with your problem after you’ve done this. Snapchat will outline the guidelines for maintaining your Snap Streak once you reply to their message.

You can chat with support and get your fire trophy back if you’re confident that both you and the other person followed all rules for maintaining the streak.

Final Thoughts

About the Snapchat Hourglass icon, that is all there is to know. You might have much less time to continue the streak if you don’t see the hourglass right away. In order to exchange photos as soon as possible, get in touch with your friend.

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